Sunday, January 10, 2016

Paperless Life

People will ask. Everytime. Every single time. "Do u need paper?" "No". "Do u need a pen?" "No". And when I started typing with my phone. They will have this worthy funny look on their faces. LOL 😂 worth it!

No, actually, how long Ive been doing this paperless life? Hm lets see.. Eh, when I was young (I am not that old though!! *typical denial of an old lady) I was so influenced by so many movies, films, anime, actor, singer (I cant help but thinking about Jacko or MJ *google it youngster) about how the world is sick and dying. We cut the trees and wound the planet. And I am this super melancholic kid tryin to save the world. 

I started to write with smallest fonts I can. It was also quite fun to challenge myself how small I can write a still readable words with as small fonts as possible. And when I did, I feel so accomplished  LOL what a weird kid I was (that makes me weird adult now, and Im proud of it).

Then I started to never miss a line on my books. I think I even used no lines part at the top and bottom of my book. But fortunately I was sane enough not to write behind the book's cover. Wait. I think I was!! 😂

I feel by doing that, I did my part of saving the world. And how I wish people will start following me. Sadly, up till now, noone I know did to accomplish the same purpose as mine. Sometimes along the way I met ppl who did the same, but their purpose is to save money. 🤔 Yes thats good too but that kinda ruin the point of Jacko's song 'Heal the World'.

Up till now, when I think I am a quite techy savy (self proclaimed) girl (or lady up to you), I feel like "Yaaasss finally, it can save me like multiple times of using papers". I struggled though at first. I type slower than I write. Therefore my notes are like.. Shit. I need to constantly delete fonts backward because of mistyping. Asking friends around when taking notes cause Im super far left behind 😂 not to mention I get this paranoid feeling people think I am a noob for taking notes by typing or just lazy writing them. And since I am enrolled in medicine school, sometimes word is not enough. So when I need to draw, I really was making a mess by trying to find drawing apps, or sometimes when I gave up I just ask my friends for paper (nooo that ruins Jacko's song again).

But now, its worth it. I got better at typing. People around me start to realize why I did that. They told me they just not used to type like me. I know. Ive been there. But for them to leave their comfort zone right now maybe not a good time. U see, medical schools really makes u wanna be the best with the fastest and easiest ways u can do. Especially in Indo. It is tiring I know. But lets talk about that some other time.

Lastly, I wanna thank founder of iphone ipad and macbook, I know its not only Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. But I am too lazy to google it rite now.

Even that I reduce myself from using papers. I still charge my stuffs. Means I abuse electricity. But if I found out ways to go even greener (not my skin), I will do.

Now its time for me to read my manga. See you. Heal the world!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013



This recent months I really coudnt bear my tiredness LOL. Nightshifts (some consecutively done), seminars, apprentice work, studying, studying, sleeping up to condition where I cudnot differentiate what day is today and "has day already passed or that was this morning?". And I think my body also coudnt keep up since I never experience a blackout and I did (well almost) :'(

Sooooo Ive already told u in my previous post I am preparing for an exam.

Right now Ive quit one of my jobs to be more prepared towards the exam. And this month is the last registration month. And no, just to register urself is not a piece of cake. Many documents are needed and u need to get each of them from different places. But, I am doing the process enthusiastically that now I only need to add few more requirements thank god.

I dont have many time to blog or taking cute lovely pictures so here's a pic of my boyfie's forehead to gross u out. LOL

See ya! X

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Long Hair


For u who really wish it's my armpit's hair, BOO YA it's nooot, it's the hair on my head!

And yes! For u who unfortunately has no life and read my post about how I spent a year in an inhabitant area *hyperbolic of course come on! Spices in every piece of arts?!*, well, kinda, Leuwiliang percisely, u could guess. Or not. 

Yes, living there has made me postponing my impulsive haircutting everytime I feel like to!!! And my hair can finally reach the 'long hair' criteria!!! I can see many hairstyle mags and literally can browse and choose any hairstyle on any page!! I mean, if u have the short hair, u can browse but can only choose the one on short hair pages. And medium ones, u can do only with short and medium pages. U know what I mean. I dont have to explain every detail right. My name is not google -_-

Yes u can do extensions but that's not my point. *defensive*

What I am going to tell, is how I miss my hair length. The pics I'm about to show are not showing my max hair length I've achieved, which was waist length and instead of pretty, it looked scary. That's my conclusion after surveying people's first comments about my waist length hair. Especially from the back. FML.

I will definitely reach this length again. 

I will. *fingerscrossed*

See ya! X

Monday, May 27, 2013

Conversation with Siri


One innovation iPhone brought to us is Siri. Not for broading ur knowledge of course because Siri is kinda a lil dumb n deaf LOL. I guess the breakthrough is u got this feeling of talking to ur gadget. It is like u have this super hi tec phone n u are not forever alone. And, Siri can joke n make u laugh. Believe me. 

First time ppl will get curious asking simple questions. But when they realize that Siri can actually answer even the questions u think is a joke or retoric, that's when u start to ask random questions. And when u realize some of Siri's answers are actually hilarious, u start googling every funny Q&A's with Siri. Well if u dont, at least I did!

See ya! X

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Filter and Sticker


Today I wanna share my life changing experience with one of the best inventions in phone photography.


Wait for it

Wait for it

Wait for it

Read the title please!

Yes, FILTER and STICKER! (Okay, not one invention, but two! One made the earlier sentence cooler anyway.)

So, I love making my pictures, especially pics of me of course, to look prettier. Some people would say oh that's not natural, or worse, that's fake! Please try getting a man without having ur hair styled, make up on, n dress sloppily. I'd like to make a research study of case control to compare how long each will get a man. 

So, now we are living in 2 worlds actually. Real world, and not as good as the first world but full with fun and imagination, the virtual world. For me, I love to make the most of both worlds. So, filter and other editing application for pictures to me are just 'virtual' make up. 

I used to try making my pics better with photoshop in PC. It was hard for me who have no basic at all, time consuming, and with my lame hardware it was a horrific experience now that I recall!! God I have a deity level of patience!

And when I had my first iPhone, I get to know many photo application, and I AM SOLD. Too many filters. I am so so confused they are all making my face look better!! If not flawless!! And there are some which actually enhance ur facial features!!! Blessed u who devoted ur time in making them. May u look more and more like ur pics filtered. *fingerscrossed*

About stickers. They are soooooo CUTE!!! They will definitely distract people to the truth that the pic is actually ordinary. Or ugly. In my case, they will make mine cuter coz mine are cute even without stickers actually *blood vomit*

These below are my first experience using n trying some filters. Some with stickers also. U can see how much changes they've made to the pics. The pics was taken when I went with research team to some hospital to actively require some questionnaire data. Who said u cannot camho doing serious business?! Not me.

I was using different filter apps so I forget which app is which but even if they were taken just now I would still forget because I always just randomly try and use any filter I think suit the pics best. But the stickers I am using have always been dominated with stickers from LINE camera, Rakuga Cute, and Snapee. Ur welcome.

See ya! X

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paint the Town Red

Well, what do u guys think after reading the title?

*time to think*

Actually I am gonna write I mean type a story about my ocd tendency. I dont know whether I am an obsessive compulsive bitch or not, because to diagnose one, u have to be 

1. Obsessive, 

Which I am, because yes I have many obsessions about ideas or things that normal people wont give a damn. For example, things should be put back to the same state as I put before. Not to be precisely symmetrical but to be precisely as I want. And sometimes symmetrical. And about cleanliness, I am similar to Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. I'm not gonna explain, u can google or watch the series instead. I get disgusted easily. And it keeps getting worse by day. I always visualize the stories behind each stuff, how they would be manifested by bacteria, virus, parasite, slime, dirt, dust, mucus, saliva, urine, u can name every gross stuff and that's it. So, I wash my hands frequently. No. EXCESSIVELY. 

I have an atopic skin, so basically, my default skin is very dry. And by keep washing my hands they will get dryer, and more prone to inflammation, more dryness, and finally infection. FML

2. Compulsive,

Means, when u have this obsession, U HAVE TO OR U'LL DIE. Okay, not dying, but u'll definitely get frustrated. U cannot live ur life. U need to do it right away. Or die. U know what I mean right?

In this case, I dont know if I am. Simply because, I always do my obsessions. I need to. I must. But I never try how does it feel not to. And please dont make me.

Oh yes! So what the title is about?! Why u so flight of ideas Tari?!

Actually, with my tendency to get ocd in cleanliness, I used to have diffilculties eating outside. I cant always find sink to wash my hands. And worse, I dont trust the cleanliness of the sink FML. I have been using hand sanitizer since I first knew it in med school, the difference from the usual drugstore products, it can kill even the mighty tuberculosis bacteria. It was so irritative but I keep using it. I need to.

But inventions keep invented and now, I am super attached to my PocketBac from Bath&BodyWorks. My favorite was Cherry Blossom, but now with wider variety and selections, I have a new fave!

And that explains the title.

See ya! X

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I love braids. I used to have a waist length hair before, since I was exiled to a place with no good hair salon around in internship :( but thats good because I always has the urge to cut my hair. But I also wanted a super long hair. So if I keep cutting it out of boredom, it will take  a very long time. It will take forever actually because as long as I remember it, my last waist length hair was when I was in elementary school ZOMG. 

Since I graduated from high school, where I dont wanna bother dealing with teachers, so I kept my 'good student' attitude and hid my 'bad student' attitude well. I didnt color my hair. I didnt wear fit body uniform. Nor I showed off my skin. LOL. Its not that now I do it all the time though.

About the hair again, I trusted my hairstyle only in my fave salon at a time. Right now my fave are Shunji Matsuo and One Piece. But I prefer Shunji Matsuo more!

Since I had my time changing color, perming, smoothing, highlighting, bleaching, cutting, many times in college, now I get bored but still trying to get new looks everytime with my hair. Ive watched many youtube videos about braiding the hair. So ever since I has this passion in braiding. My favorite channel is cutegirlhairstyles, where she (the mother) styled her daughter's hair with so much variety in braids like uve never seen before. She is very creative and innovative, that everytime I see others doing braid tutorial, I think "Ive seen it it in her video, so lame, not original" LOL.

Now I am facing my exams in 5 months to be a.. Well I'll tell u later. I am not concentrating in grooming as much as I did so bear with me.

Here's few pics with my hair braided. Actually, I did quite a lot of different braids, but with my black hair, its hard to get a great pic. It will usually just look like I am showing off my ordinary hair FML.

See ya!